Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Reed Sisters' Magnificent Book Quest

I've been a major slacker on the blog so I decided to recruit my sister Heather to help me out. We've decided to start a book project based on the Modern Library's list of the best 100 novels.
"Why the Modern Library list?" you ask.
"Why the hell not?" we reply.

The modern library actually has two best novel lists; the editor's list and the reader's list. The Reed Sisters cut a bunch of junk books out of the reader's list then combined the leftovers with the editor list. We will use a random number generator to pick each book and once we've finished reading we'll blog about the book together. For those of you who knew us when we were kids -- do not be alarmed. Heather and I have learned to work together without hurting each other.

We've just started the first novel, OF HUMAN BONDAGE by W. Somerset Maugham (no Heather, this is NOT a dating manual).

If anyone wants to play along, the next few books in order are:

LORD JIM by Joseph Conrad
I, CLAUDIUS by Robert Graves
THE RAINBOW by D.H. Lawrence


Eddy said...

Okay, so I have to know--what were the "junk books" you cut out?

Missy said...

Hi Eddy! Some science fiction/fantasy fan bombarded the Reader's List with people like L. Ron Hubbard and some other folks we haven't even heard of. We looked up the books and just weren't interested.

Eddy said...

I just listened to CREEPERS by David Morrell. If I'd opened the book to read, I'd have tossed it aside in five minutes. I'd never played an audio book before, but my cousin loaned me a shopping-bag full of them. He recommended CREEPERS to start with. I discovered that my listening standards are much lower--at least different than my reading standards. I found this formulaic suspense story book just the thing. I could daydream and not miss much. Almost every five minutes ended in a "cliff hanger," so I always looked forward to geting back into the car to find out what happened. Like old-time radio, I guess.